No bar

No expensive mini bar mark-ups.

It’s all free, generously supplied by our friends and partners.


** Things can chop and change from time to time so what you see below could be a bit different by the time you stay.


BETTER DAYS is Australia’s first cactus water.  An all natural, low cal, refreshing drink that not only tastes good, but is also good for you. A delicious, refreshing and healthy drink made from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus. Prickly pears are a superfruit hailing from the deserts of Mexico. Move over kombucha cause Cactus Water is here!


Bobby contains a premium all-natural prebiotic, proven to aid digestion, increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut and improve general well-being. They’ve paired these health benefits with big, thirst-quenching flavours. Brace yourself for a soft drink contradiction that tastes so good, you won’t believe it’s low in sugar and calories, and contains zero preservatives or artificial flavours.



Banks Botanicals is the newest addition to our mini-bars and our very first non-alcoholic spirit (how exciting!). These little cans offer a super refreshing, non-alcoholic, ready to drink cocktail and we are obsessed. Each can contains only 9 calories, all natural ingredients and are vegan friendly. We think this one is going to be a huge hit!


Brewmanity is the HOTEL NO go to for all things beer.
Brewmanity’s catalyst to turn their dream into a reality came when Brewmanity founders were inspired by a mate suffering from, and raising funds for, ‘The Beast’ of a disease – Motor Neurone Disease (MND).
“We’d already had the conversation “Imagine if every beer we ever had did a little good in the world” so we decided we should combine our love of beer with our philanthropic ideals, and support our mate in his quest to help find a cure.”
Brewmanity make a small donation with every beer they sell – so every beer is guaranteed to do a little good. So far they have raised over $150,000 for the cure for MND Foundation.


6Ft6 wines are fast becoming one of the most popular wine brands in the country, which is why we at HOTEL NO are all over this ripping drop of wine. Not only do they taste delicious, they’re based just outside of Geelong (#supportlocal) and they look cool too! Enjoy a complimentary bottle of wine during your stay in any of our Airstreams. Yipee!


The newest addition to our mini-bars and we are obsessed! Made in Victoria (which we love) Honeysuckle Distillery drinks come in two ranges: Hard Sodas and Spritz. These ready to drink cocktails are super refreshing, low in sugar and totally gluten free.

The guys at Honeysuckle distillery aim to take you on a wild adventure and we plan to do the same by not telling you what flavours will be waiting in your mini-bar. Don’t worry, we couldn’t choose a favourite so you won’t be disappointed!


Sustainably sourced specialty coffee ready to drink straight from your Airstream NOBAR? Yes please.

Brewed and bottled to perfection right here in Melbourne, First Press Coffee’s unique cold drip extraction method delivers a smooth taste and clean finish. It’s pure black coffee with zero sugar and no additives. Ideal for drinking straight up, over ice, or mixed into an award winning Espresso Martini.



Tyrrells Crisps are made in the Yarra Valley with Australia’s finest potatoes grown especially for them.

You won’t find anything artificial in a bag of Tyrrells Crisps – it’s a big no-no. Made in a nut free facility, contain absolutely no gluten and are a big hit with vegetarians… except the chicken ones!


Our mates at HOLEY MOLEY boast Australia’s best mini golf course. Par none.

All HOTEL NO guests enjoy 9 free holes when they stay at HOTEL NO just a short stroll away.

A bar that turns traditional putt putt into a multi-sensory labyrinth of unique holes that’ll keep you on your toes across the craziest round of golf you’ve ever played.

And with drinks, cocktails and tunes on offer at our full service bar, The Caddyshack will take care of all your off-the-green needs.


We hope you are ready to let loose on the lane because Strike bowling has turned down the lights and cranked up the fun.

All HOTEL NO guests enjoy one free game of bowling at any of Strike’s locations (there are two in the CBD) and we think it’s up there with one of the best date night activities!


Just a short stroll from HOTEL NO is an off the beaten track, local go too. Akaiito is an exquisite Japanese restaurant with a beautifully designed interior with Japanese elements throughout the entirety of the restaurant.