Welcome to HOTEL NO Melbourne

Hi, Hello, Welcome.

We’re so glad to have you here at HOTEL NO and we aim to bring you an accommodation experience like no other.

This information page is only available to current guests and can only be accessed from this device via the ‘NO’ logo on your home screen. If you need to get back here, just launch it again.

As you know by now, your smart phone is your key. Please make sure you take it whenever you leave the Airstream, or you won’t be able to get back in. If your phone dies or you have any issues getting in, we have a back-up plan, please contact us on the numbers below.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ.

The iPad

If you’re reading this you’ve already found the iPad.

It’s yours to use while you’re our guest, but please don’t take it out of the room. To remove the iPad from the wall mount, just spin it 45 degrees. There’s another mount above the bed which we highly recommend for in bed viewing.

Feel free to browse the net, listen to music or kick back and watch Netflix. There are Bluetooth speakers you can connect to, oh, and they also work as an alarm if you need to be up early.


Get Melbourne’s best restaurants delivered to HOTEL NO. NO queues or booking required. Checkout our top picks to enjoy in the comfort of your Airstream.

Get in touch

We’re essentially self-contained accomodation, however if you are in need of urgent assistance please head downstairs to Frys Fast Park and see the car park staff. If they are unavailable or not there then please call us.


Please call

1300 146 567


Melbourne’s changed a bit as of late.

Here are some of our favourite venues keeping our culture alive with delicious takeaway and delivery options. 

Now for the hard part, deciding what to order…

No Bar

All the products you see in your NO BAR have been generously supplied by some seriously great local companies and we don’t want to see anything left when you check out!


But more importantly this is all for you and all free!

We have a page just for boasting about them, have a read if you are wanting to know more!